Nursing Job Fair at PUC

February 9, 2005

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On Wednesday morning the commotion in Davidian Hall caused those passing by to wonder why the downstairs hallway was so busy with excited students. Any nursing student could have told you why–It was the annual nursing department job fair.

Starting at 8:30 a.m., more than 25 top nursing recruiters from as nearby as St. Helena and as far away as Florida set up booths in Davidian Hall, hoping to recruit PUC nursing students. Great door prizes and giveaways enticed the students to visit the various booths. Many of the recruiters also used incentives such as loans, sign-on bonuses, moving allowances and new graduate orientation programs to arouse the interest of the students.

Many nursing students expressed excitement about the opportunities presented to them. Nursing senior Alondra Martinez said, “The job fair gives us a lot of exposure to different hospitals and programs and shows how they can assist us.”

Debbie Duckett, the nursing department admissions coordinator who organized the job fair, expressed the importance of these opportunities, saying, “It is very exciting for the nursing students to see that there are recruiters out there eager to hire the students even before they graduate, all because of the high demand for nurses.”