PUC Seniors Score High on National Test

By Julie Z. Lee on November 13, 2007

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Pacific Union College senior business administration majors recently tested in the 96 percentile for the 1998-99 Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT), placing the department among the top ten schools tested. This indicates the PUC business department that 96 percent of the 244 schools tested during this exam period ranked below the PUC business department.

The MFAT is an end-of-curriculum assessment test taken by college and university seniors all over the United States. It examines the graduate's knowledge in their field of study, and compares them to students at other institutions. The test results continues to demonstrate the high quality of graduates and academic programs at PUC. The college's recent institutional average on the MFAT was above the 90th percentile in a number of other areas as well, including biology, computer science, history, literature, math, and psychology.