PUC Offers Degree Completion Program

By Michelle Konn on June 13, 2007

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Pacific Union College announces September classes for its Degree Completion Program. The fully accredited, reasonably priced, and accelerated program is intended for students over 25 who wish to complete a degree they were unable to finish. The program will be offered at satellite campuses in Napa and Santa Rosa.

David Ritter, Degree Completion director, says the program is designed to be accessible to adults with full-time jobs and families. Classes will only meet once a week in the evening. "We understand that adult students expect their course work to be relevant to their lives and to give them tools they can readily apply in their jobs," says Ritter.

In addition to a new curriculum, the Degree Completion Program will offer adult students a number of optional ways to add college credit to their transcripts. Besides offering many nationally accepted tests (such as CLEP), students may request college credit for prior work and life experiences. "We recognize that not all learning occurs in a formal classroom setting," says Ritter. "So students who can document that they have acquired various skills or abilities outside of formal educational settings can now get credit for what they've learned."