PUC Graduate Receives Full Scholarships to Law Schools

By Heather Preston on June 13, 2007

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Tammie Lindsey of San Jose recently received full scholarships to the University of Southern California Law School and the University of San Diego. Lindsey was also accepted to Georgetown Law Center, the University of Virginia, and several other prestigious law schools around the country.

Lindsey graduated with honors from Pacific Union College on June 16, 1996, with a degree in communications. Lindsey is also a 1992 graduate of Mountain View Academy in Mountain View, California.

Lindsey feels that her chances for acceptance into law school were enhanced by the skills that she developed while earning her communication degree. "My classes taught me how to put my thoughts together clearly, and all my writing practice paid off," said Lindsey. "Nearly every school that I was accepted into mentioned my personal statement," she added.

Lindsey also attributes much of her success to the support she received from her teachers at PUC. "My professors helped me to crystalize ideas and helped me decide which law schools to apply to," Lindsey said. "The biggest reason I stayed at PUC is that all of my professors were willing to work with me and go out of their way to help me," she explained.

James D. Chase, professor of communication, commented, "We are privileged to participate in the process of Tammie Lindsey's becoming a successful lawyer. Over the years I've come to appreciate Tammie's initiative, creativity, dedication, and persistence."

Lindsey plans to specialize in the area of comparative or international law.