PUC Launches New Ministry to Connect to the Pacific Union

By James Shim on April 4, 2014

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Pacific Union College’s office of enrollment services has launched a new ministry called Connect to share the spiritual experience at the college with churches, schools, and other groups within the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Connect is coordinated by Larry Graack, an enrollment counselor at the college. Graack, a PUC graduate and former youth pastor at the Placerville Seventh-day Adventist Church, is excited about the opportunity PUC students will have to share their faith, grow in their talents, and worship together with the larger Adventist community.

“Our mission statement is that as Christ’s disciples we serve with spiritual authenticity while promoting a valued relationship with PUC and above all, a dynamic connection to our Creator,” said Graack. “We hope to serve with innovative ministry, communication, and discipleship.”

Graack is already travelling throughout the Pacific Union with the campus ministries personnel, talented student and faculty speakers, and gifted musicians that make up the ministry team. Connect ministry is working hard to establish relationships with all sorts of audiences, sharing the PUC spiritual experience with them and inviting youth and young adults to get involved with that experience as PUC students.

Using the talents God has given them, the Connect ministry team is excited to engage others through leading praise and worship, providing student of faculty speakers, offering special music for sacred concerts, hosting spiritual and social events for youth, and by coordinating service and outreach opportunities.

For more information on the ministry or to schedule one of the Connect speakers or ministry teams, contact Pastor Larry Graack at 707-965-6421 or connect@puc.edu