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PUC Film Instructor Wins $10,000 from SONscreen Film Festival Pitchfest

Giovanni Hashimoto, April 10, 2013
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Rajeev Sigamoney, director of the film and television program at Pacific Union College, was the winner of the eleventh annual SONscreen Film Festival's Pitchfest, April 5. He received $10,000 for his proposed "Decalogue 2.0" mini-series. The series will consist of ten short episodes shot at PUC, each based on one of the Ten Commandments.

According to Milbert Mariano, chair of the visual arts department, the result at the festival underlines the strength of PUC's film and television program and Sigamoney's skills. "It's a great personal victory for one of our own faculty," Mariano said. "We're excited for him and proud that he's among our ranks. The film and television program and the department of visual arts can only be strengthened by having someone with Rajeev's talents and accomplishments leading out as director of the program."

Sigamoney was also excited about the win. He describes the production as a "great project for the film and television program." His goal for the series is to modernize the themes of the Ten Commandments and to connect the audience with the universal motifs contained in the original stone tablets.

"As the production develops, the plan is to shoot the project at PUC sometime next year, highlighting our amazing campus and providing great experiences for students at the school to become involved in the production," says Sigamoney, who is also an faculty member at PUC.

In addition to Sigamoney's recognition, PUC alumnus Peter Han, '12, was the winner of the Audience Choice Award for "Dario," a film he produced for his senior thesis project while at PUC.

Since its debut in 2002, SONscreen has become the Seventh-day Adventist Church's premier film gathering. The annual festival features films produced by Adventist young people for social awareness, outreach, and entertainment.