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Pacific Union College Green Club: "Sustainability is Our Responsibility"

Lauren Armstrong, April 17, 2012
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Since 2008, the Green Club has been active on the PUC campus promoting environmentally friendly practices and working to educate students about what it means to “be green.” The rise of the club has been accompanied by several other green movements—a major in environmental studies and the club’s annual hosting of Green Week.

“The mission for Green Club is primarily to promote environmental awareness among the students, faculty, and staff at PUC,” says Darlene Teddy, Green Club president. “We try to promote choosing the environmentally friendly option and educate them about the ways that they can be green in their everyday life.”

The club has already been active this year on campus with several events. In February, they ran a film series about important environmental issues. “The movies that we've chosen are what we thought would be most relevant to college students or things that the average college student deals with,” says Teddy. Food, Inc., Tapped, Fuel, and The Cove played in the Campus Center, and the viewings were open to all students.

The club has also been involved with the student body by putting up flyers around campus with facts and suggestions to help students be more environmentally conscious. The flyers include a range of facts to keep students aware of the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities including recycling, water conservation, and electricity.

As a precursor to this year’s Earth Day on April 22, the Green Club is hosting the annual Green Week, April 16-22, featuring a series of events and presentations on the themes of conservation, sustainability, and natural living. Cheryl Thomas Peters, a doctor of clinical nutrition and clinical manager at St. Helena Center for Health, will present a special Colloquy program on Thursday in accordance with the week’s theme. Peters specializes in the importance of nutrition and lifestyle for disease prevention.

“This year for Green Week we want to encourage students to make small changes in their daily lives that will, in the long run, make a huge impact on the environment,” explains Teddy. “Our campaigns will include changes such as taking shorter showers, unplugging appliances, and walking around campus instead of driving.”

“We must work together to make a difference because sustainability is our responsibility,” says Teddy.