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Winter Intramurals Draw Record Participation

David Ranzolin, February 26, 2009
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Photo by Bob Paulson -

PUC has long been a campus of sports enthusiasts. A record number for intramural participation during this winter quarter testifies to this enthusiasm. Each week, around 400 students (and some faculty and staff) remove themselves from their studies, significant others and daily social rituals to play basketball, futsal and floor hockey. There are 42 teams total.

However, Coach Bob Paulson - associate professor in the exercise science department, coach of the cross-country team and head of the intramurals department - is not satisfied. Four hundred is great, but this still means many students are not participating. "The degree of intramural participation tells us we have great, active students, but I will not be satisfied with the participation until we find something for everyone," he says. "We want to create a place to play for each and every student."

The official intramural website,, features schedules, extensive photo galleries and a weekly podcast devoted to intramural conversation. Hosted by Coach Paulson, the podcast usually consists of student interviews and a summary of the week in intramurals. Students who listen in may be surprised to hear their team critiqued by coaches, fellow students and even a dean!

The spirit of fellowship and community cultivated by intramurals is a blessing to students and faculty alike. It offers a level of bonding otherwise unobtainable in the classroom. "Playing intramurals with teachers really knocks down the age barriers," says senior Kristina Reiber. "The teachers who play have such an abundance of youth. You might think it would be somewhat unnerving to compete alongside your teachers but they actually blend into the team well."  

Intramurals is a program designed to give students the opportunity to pursue athletics in an organized, Christian environment. Different sporting opportunities are offered each quarter with the hope that every student at PUC can find an activity to enjoy.