Academic Administration

Faculty Publications 2013-2014

Vola Andrianarijaona

Linda Gill

Floyd Hayes

  • Hayes, F.E., D.E. Weidemann, D.S. Baumbach, R.D. Tkachuck, and C.M. Tkachuck. (2013). Variation and hybridization in Green Heron (Butorides virescens) and Striated Heron (B. striata in central Panama, with comments on species limits.  North American Birds, 67, 4-8.
  • Hayes, F. E., & Hayes, W. K. (n.d.). What is the relationship between human activity and species extinction? (H. M. Rasi & L. J. Gibson, Eds.). In S. G. Dunbar (Ed.), Entrusted: Christians and environmental care (pp. 183-197). Mexico: Adventus International University.

Maria Rankin-Brown

  • Rankin-Brown, M. (2014). Finding our humanity in paranormal literature. Popular Culture Review, 25(1), 51-64.

Jim Roy

Rajeev Sigamoney

  • Sigamoney, R., & Caldwell, G. (2013). The Record Keeper (J. Satterlund, Dr.) [Webseries]. A People of Hope Productions.

Jean Sheldon

Ross Winkle