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PUC Continues Building Fire Resilience Across Forest Property Through Successful 13 Acre Planned Burn

By Sheann Brandon on June 4, 2024

Pacific Union College partnered with CAL Fire Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit and Napa County Fire Department to conduct a prescribed burn across 13 acres of the college’s Angwin forest property on May 1, successfully managing overgrown vegetation, enhancing forest health, and building fire resilience.These efforts demonstrate PUC’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and community safety.PUC Forest Manager Peter Lecourt called the successful burn a win for PUC, Angwin, and Napa County, paving the way for future prescribed burns.“I am thrilled this project rolled out so smoothly,” Lecourt said. “Many partners played a role in getting the burn unit prepared ahead of the project, as well as helping out on the day we conducted the operation. I’d like to say thank you to CAL Fire, Napa County Fire, Napa Firewise, the Angwin Fire Safe Council, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Napa County Resource Conservation District. Without the help of these partners, this project would not have been possible.”The burn took approximately nine hours assisted by numerous trained wildland firefighters, four fire engines, and a water tender. PUC, CAL Fire Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit, and Napa County Fire Department carefully planned and strategically coordinated efforts identifying the burn area and date, meeting strict...
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PUC Receives Million Dollar Grant to Expand Nursing Student Access

By Sheann Brandon on May 6, 2024

For the second year in a row, Pacific Union College was awarded a grant from California’s Department of Healthcare Access and Information (HCAI). This year totalling $1,050,000, the funding will support expanded training opportunities for nurses at both the Angwin campus and the expansion campuses, and ultimately combat the statewide nursing shortage while improving access to equitable health care."The PUC School of Nursing expresses its deep gratitude for the generous support received from HCAI and title VIII funding,” said Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences Kimberly Dunker. “Given the high cost and expenses involved in running nursing programs, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been granted this additional funding. It enables us to ensure the availability of necessary resources for expanding our program, including faculty, skills and lab materials, simulation resources, and faculty development. This grant will cover the direct costs associated with expanding our nursing program, thereby providing more opportunities for training."In March, HCAI awarded $27.4 million in grants to more than 30 registered nurse training programs, including PUC.PUC’s nursing department received the grant after a competitive evaluation process, with the grant program’s criteria prioritizing funding to residency programs that demonstrate success in graduation and NCLEX pass rates,...
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PUC Offering New Scholarship to Students with Highest Financial Needs

By Sheann Brandon on April 22, 2024

PUC is now offering a full-tuition, four-year scholarship—The Pioneer Promise—to students with excellent character, strong academic achievement, and high financial need—furthering the college’s commitment to ensuring all aspiring students have the opportunity to receive a quality, Christian education.“Adventism has a rich tradition of providing high quality education, which allows significant generational improvement,” said Gene Edelbach, PUC vice president for enrollment, marketing & communication. “With Pioneer Promise, every Adventist student or student wanting an Adventist education—who have financial need, reasonable academic ability, and good character—could now be guaranteed a bachelor’s degree or higher at Pacific Union College.”While many people might be passionate students with a desire for higher education, the reality of affording college may be unimaginable and unattainable—the Pioneer Promise Scholarship was created with those students in mind; to remove financial and socioeconomic status barriers from an educational path that previously was completely blocked.This scholarship is open to on-campus freshman and transfer students. Eligible students will need to be enrolled full-time and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.PUC is committed to supporting students seeking an affordable college education through a range of financial support, including several new innovative scholarships—the Science and Math Enhancement Scholarship, STEM Scholarship, and Musical Excellence...
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