Wheelbarrows and Water Filters: PUC Students Serve During Spring Break

By Madeline Miller and Cambria Wheeler on May 2, 2014

Spring vacation can be a much-needed rest for Pacific Union College students who have just completed final exams after a tough ten weeks of winter quarter. Yet, each year groups of students give up their opportunity to spend time with family and take a break. These students, motivated by the desire to give back and serve God, spend their time away from school having a mission-oriented adventure in places far and wide.

From March 20-30, a group of 15 PUC students, joined by PUC service and missions coordinator Fabio Maia and professor of biology Floyd Hayes, flew to Manaus, Brazil to work in Rosa de Sáron, found in the interior of Manaus Amazonas. The group traveled to this exotic location to build a health clinic, provide water filters and water education, and teach English classes. Some of the students also participated in a tropical biology course led by Dr. Hayes, giving them the opportunity to experience the wildlife of the Amazon first-hand on morning trips along the river and through the jungle.

PUC partnered with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) for the service element of the trip. ADRA supports several projects in Rosa de Sáron—including a school,

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