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Renovations Across Campus Bring New Life to PUC

By Joli Weber on May 17, 2024

Renovations to Paulin Recital Hall, West Hall and the Hanson Pool undertaken at the beginning of the calendar year are nearing completion. Funded by anonymous donations and gifts from alumni, these projects improved campus facilities that are widely used by students, faculty and community members alike.Paulin Recital HallBuilt in 1967, Paulin Hall has served as the venue for many concerts, plays, lectures, Homecoming weekends, PUC Prep senior nights and PUC Elementary end-of-semester concerts. The last renovation — which involved replacing the ’60s-era blue carpet — occurred in the ’90s. Faculty and staff members of the music department felt it was time for another update, replacing worn seating and embracing advancements in performing arts technology.PUC alumnus Quentin White donated to PUC’s music department for the renovations and upgrades after selling his share in the Angwin Community Ambulance Project. A former music major, White supported the remodel of the recital hall to extend its reach as a gathering place beyond PUC.“I would love to see us hopefully become another venue for the broader community,” echoed Rachelle Davis, chair of the music department. “I’m hoping [the recital hall] will become a place that is inviting to the campus and not just for music...
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