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Is PUC Selling Land?

By D. Malcolm Maxwell, President on November 12, 2007

Over the past few months, you may have heard that the college has considered selling some land. It's an option PUC has prayerfully explored, seeking out the advice of experts and the opinions of the college's constituents. Because so many people genuinely and passionately care about PUC's future, the discussion has been widespread. Unfortunately, some incorrect information has circulated, so we want to report on what is (and isn't) happening. An Overview The finance committee, a subcommittee of PUC's board of trustees, met last March to explore ways to achieve the three goals outlined in PUC's new strategic plan. For sure, the goals are bold and worthy: [1] Access, [2] Quality, and [3] Resources. ACCESS: PUC will make Christian liberal arts education more accessible to qualified applicants by expanding PUC's capacity to provide financial assistance and by providing expanded delivery systems. QUALITY: PUC will enhance our program of continuous and intentional development of faculty and staff to their highest potential in order to ensure distinctive student learning outcomes. RESOURCES: PUC will support academic excellence by generating resources adequate to promote and fund the twin goals of access and quality. Tackling this brave plan, the committee favored the concept "of a...
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