Class of 2021


Graduation 2021

June 11 - 13

President Cushman

We are pleased to announce Pacific Union College will be hosting our commencement ceremonies on-campus on Sunday, June 13, 2021 for class of 2021. College commencement is a high point in the lives of our students and their families, and we are excited to honor and celebrate our graduates on the beautiful Maxwell Commons.

Our graduation team is hard at work designing morning and afternoon ceremonies for the general campus graduates and the Nursing AS and BSN graduates, respectively. The commencement ceremonies are being designed to conform with California and Napa County regulations. In the following pages, please carefully review the detailed information about what to expect for the ceremonies and attendance precautions.

As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our campus, additional graduation weekend celebratory events will be held virtually. 

We will be livestreaming the ceremonies for the benefit of friends and families who will be unable to attend Guest attendance on campus will be limited and ticketed with assigned seating. 

We look forward to watching our graduates participate in a live service here at PUC on beautiful Howell Mountain, "where nature and revelation unite in education."

Warm regards,

Robert A. Cushman Jr.

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 11, 2021
Rehearsal for All Graduates (MC) 10:30 a.m.
Sabbath, June 12, 2021
Senior Class Baccalaureate (Virtual) Details Coming
Sunday, June 13, 2021
General Commencement (MC) 9:00 a.m.
Nursing Commencement and Pinning (MC) 4:00 p.m.

(MC) Maxwell Commons

Important Dates

January 3, 2021 - March 18, 2021 Final application period.  Standard $75 application fee.
March 29, 2021 Final deadline.  Applications not accepted after this date except through petition process.  If approved, late applications subject to $75 fee plus $75 penalty.
April 28, 2021 Guest ticket registration begins
May 1, 2021 Last day to order regalia. Must have regalia to participate in commencement.
May 31, 2021 Last day to register for guest tickets.
June 13, 2021 General Commencement – arrive no later than 8:30 a.m.
June 13, 2021 Nursing Commencement and Pinning – arrive no later than 3:30 p.m.

Commencement Announcements

Attendees are limited to commencement staff, graduates, household members, and family members. 


Each graduate may invite up to four (4) guests from within the same household.  Please note, per Napa County regulations, the graduate's guests must be from the same household unit and will be seated together in a row.  We welcome out-of-state households that are fully vaccinated. Vaccination self-disclosure will be available when registering for tickets.

Ticketing and Reserved Seating

Seats will only be available for guests who have registered for tickets.  We request one guest or graduate register for tickets for the entire household unit. 

9:00 a.m. General Commencement guest registration:

Register Now

4:00 p.m. Nursing Commencement and Pinning guest registration:

Register Now

During the registration process, one may request seating within the available sections. It is highly recommended that either the graduate or one family representative complete registration for all four guest tickets. 

Guests who have not registered for tickets will not be able to attend the commencement services.  Standing space is reserved for ticketed guests only.  State and county restrictions require we strictly monitor attendance.

Graduates who did not choose to utilize the registration option for guests will be provided with individual assigned and socially-distanced seating. 

Safety Requirements

Self-screening is essential for all graduates, guests, and commencement participants and staff before coming to the campus on June 13, 2021.  For the safety of all involved, self-screening includes:

  • Symptoms of COVID-19
  • Fever
  • Exposure to anyone with confirmed, or suspected, COVID-19

Anyone who cannot pass this self-screening should not attend the commencement services. 

All graduates, guests, and commencement participants and staff must wear masks at all times.  Commencement speakers may remove their masks when speaking at the podium and the microphone will be sanitized between speakers.  If a mask breaks or is lost, extra masks will be available for free at the information booth, or by request to any event staff.  Graduates and guests must not remove their masks when cheering. 

All graduates, guests, and commencement participants and staff should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other attendees at all times, other than household members.

Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the graduation site.  

Guest Ceremony Participation

The college is happy to announce that families will be included in this year's 2021 graduate photo.  The picture of the families and graduates will be taken from the stage by professional photographers after the processional and at the start of the commencement services.
Graduates' families are invited to participate in the recessional this year and march out with their graduate.  Each graduate/family group will be ushered out at 6 ft intervals.  Please be prepared to march out and proceed to your car when dismissed by ushers.
The college encourages cheering for graduates as they mark the culmination of their college career by walking across the stage; however, the use of airhorns and confetti bombs are prohibited and will be confiscated by commencement staff.

Guest Seating Procedure

Upon arrival at the Maxwell Commons on June 13, 2021, guests will present their tickets to event staff at one of the 4 booths to receive their guest wristbands.  Ushers will then escort them to their seats.  It is highly recommended that guests arrive at least an hour early in order to find parking, exchange their tickets for wristbands, and get seated in advance of the processional, which will begin at 9:00 am/4:00p.m.  Guests will not be seated during the processional.

What to Wear 

Weather in Angwin can vary from foggy and chilly to sunny and warm in June. Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Also keep in mind that Maxwell Commons is primarily lawn, so please wear appropriate shoes.

Ceremony Etiquette 

Service dogs accompanying their designated person are the only animals allowed at the commencement ceremony. Emotional support animals and pets are not allowed on site and will not be permitted to stay in cars unattended. 

The use of airhorns and confetti is prohibited. Celebratory tortillas should only be thrown at appropriate times and not toward the platform.


There will be no food or drink concession stands.  Water bottles will be placed at each seat for the graduates and their guests.  

Wireless Internet

PUC is pleased to offer complimentary wireless access to our guests. When you arrive on campus, select PUC Guest and complete the on-screen agreement.

Lost and Found Policy

Any found items can be turned in to event staff throughout the weekend as well as to the information booth on the day of commencement.  To retrieve a lost item, contact event staff or visit the information booth.  An information card will be available if the item has not been turned in.  

In the event of a missing person, please report to the information booth with a description and/or picture.  Public Safety, as well as the County Sheriff, will be on duty to assist.


Commencement will be streaming live and will be available for download after the event.


Regalia:  Caps, Gowns, & Tassels

Academic regalia representing education and academic accomplishments is a longstanding tradition that dates back to universities in medieval Europe. Three basic types of gowns are worn:  associate's and bachelor's gowns have long sleeves; master's gowns have long, closed sleeves; and doctorate gowns have full sleeves with velvet bars. Associate's, bachelor's, and master's caps are mortarboards while doctorate's caps are berets. The tassel should be the color of the appropriate subject, with the exception of the doctor's cap that may have a tassel of gold.

Regalia is required to participate in Commencement. You may order your regalia for graduation at Herff Jones.

Regalia Ordering Deadline:  May 1, 2021

  • Black cap and gown:  M.Ed., M.A.T., B.S., B.F.A., B. Mus. B.B.A.
  • Navy cap and gown:  A.S.
  • White cap and gown:  A.S. in Nursing

Regalia ordering questions may be directed toward Valerie Miller at or the graduation coordinator, Tanya Healy, at

To reduce wrinkling, hang the gowns as soon as possible. If ironing is necessary, use a cool iron. The gowns belong to you to keep or dispose.

Regalia Policy

Students, faculty, and staff in academic regalia may wear only approved honor cords, medallions, and stoles, as described in the Commencement program, or, in the case of faculty and staff, academic honors earned at other institutions. Graduation caps may be decorated; however, all other official regalia must not be altered or modified in any way.

Graduates may also wear appropriate leis given to them.


All candidates for degrees should meet at Maxwell Commons on Friday, June 11, at 10:30 a.m. Once there, take any aisle seat so rehearsal can begin promptly. You will then receive further instructions. 

Degree Cards

Degree cards will be handed out at rehearsal.  These cards will list your name as you wish it to be read at commencement, along with your degree information. Remember to bring your reading card with you to commencement.  You will hand this card to the Academic Dean to read as you walk across the stage.    


Seniors should line up around the fountain and beyond no later than:

  • 8:45 a.m. for the General Commencement service, and
  • 3:45 p.m. for the Nursing Commencement and Pinning service.

Each person must be in regalia (tassel on left) and positioned in the line of march as specified during the Friday rehearsal. It is important that the line order correspond with the order in which the seniors present themselves so that they can be seated with their guests.

If you were unable to attend the Friday rehearsal, please arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of the line up time in order to request your reading card from the Graduation Analyst and assistants at the fountain.


Professional Photography

GradImages® will be photographing all graduates at the graduation ceremony.

Visit and enter your email and up to six emails of loved ones who would like to share in your accomplishment by viewing and ordering your photos. By submitting your information early, you can rest assured photo samples will be quickly and conveniently provided to you and all others registered as soon as they are available after the event.

After graduation, order online at or call (800) 261-2576. 

Photos at Commencement

Graduates will march down designated aisles to the front of Maxwell Commons before marching to their aisle's seats next to their guests. We are pleased to announce that guests will be able to take close-up photos of their graduates marching from their assigned seats.   

For pictures of your graduate actually receiving his/her diploma and coming off the stage, please rely on the professional photographers. For the safety of all involved, other photographers will not be allowed close to the stage or inside the rope boundaries.


Driving Directions

Guests can fly into the following airports: Sacramento International Airport (SMF), San Francisco (SFO), Oakland (OAK). All airports are approximately 80-90 miles from the PUC campus. 

From San Francisco International Airport

  • Go north on U.S. 101. Follow signs to the Bay Bridge (U.S. 80 east) toward Sacramento.
  • Take U.S. 80 east after crossing the Bay Bridge. Cross the Carquinez Bridge.
  • Turn off at the Napa, Marine World exit onto HWY 37.
  • From HWY 37 turn right (going north) on HWY 29.
  • Continue through the towns of Napa, Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford, and St. Helena. One mile past St. Helena, turn right on Deer Park Road, which turns into Howell Mountain Road. (8 miles to PUC)

From Oakland International Airport

  • Take HWY 880 north. 
  • Merge onto U.S. 80 east toward Sacramento. 
  • Follow points 2-5 from above.

From Sacramento

  • Take U.S. 80 west toward San Francisco to HWY 12.
  • Take HWY 12 toward Napa to HWY 29.
  • Turn right on HWY 29 and follow directions in number 5 above.

Distances to PUC 

  • From San Francisco airport 87 Miles
  • From Oakland airport 65 Miles
  • From Sacramento airport 92 Miles
  • From Napa 30 Miles

Important Note: If traveling from Napa on Silverado Trail instead of Hwy. 29 and using a GPS system, please do not follow directions to drive up Old Howell Mountain Road from Silverado Trail. Instead, continue on the Trail until you reach the blinking red light. Turn right and proceed east on Deer Park Road.

Parking & Seating


Guests should plan to arrive at least an hour early to allow time to find parking and to be ushered to their seats. Guests can park on the main campus. A shuttle is available from Disabled Parking to the ticketing tables on the graduation site. Overflow parking will be at the College Market on Howell Mountain Rd.

Parking Map


Seats will only be available for guests who have registered for tickets.  We request one guest or graduate register for tickets for the entire household unit. 

9:00 a.m. General Commencement guest registration:

Register Now

4:00 p.m. Nursing Commencement and Pinning guest registration:

Register Now

During the registration process, one may request seating within the available sections. It is highly recommended that either the graduate or one family representative complete registration for all four guest tickets. 

Guests who have not registered for tickets will not be able to attend the commencement services.  Standing space is reserved for ticketed guests only.  State and county restrictions require us strictly monitor attendance.

Graduates who did not choose to utilize the registration option for guests will be provided with individual assigned and socially-distanced seating. 

Lodging & Dining

Area Hotels

Lodging is available in the Napa Valley, as well as the surrounding area. See a list of available accommodations

Recreational Vehicles

Parking for recreational vehicles will be available between June 11-14, 2021, in the parking lot behind the College Market. Please note that there are no hookups available. A disposal station is located in the mobile home park.

To register for a parking space, contact Public Safety at (707) 965-6551.

Dining in the Napa Valley

From local favorites to renowned fine dining establishments, below is a list of St. Helena restaurants. See more Napa Valley dining options

$ - Affordable ($5-$15 per person)
$$ - Moderately Affordable ($15-$30 per person) 
$$$ - Expensive ($30+ per person)
$$$$ - Very Expensive ($90+ per person)

Dining Commons
You may use a Student ID Card or purchase meal tickets ahead of time for Friday dinner, Sabbath breakfast, and Sabbath lunch by registering for meals. Cash and credit cards are also accepted.
Hours of operation
Sunday, June 13
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

A&W/KFC $ 
The closest thing to "fast food" in St. Helena. Lunch and dinner. 501 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 963-4333

Archetype $$$
Locally farmed American meals are the draw at this stylish neighborhood eatery with outdoor seating. 1429 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 968-9200

Azteca Market $
A taqueria and Hispanic mini-market where you can order burritos, tacos, etc. Most people do take-out, but there are a few tables on the patio. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 789 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 963-4963

Gillwoods $$
Best breakfast in town and diner-style lunches; expect long lines on weekends for breakfast. 1313 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 963-1788

Giugni's Deli $
PUC's favorite deli, serving quite possibly the best sandwiches in the world. 1227 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 963-3421

Golden Harvest Restaurant $
Traditional, family-style Chinese restaurant. 61 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 967-9888

Gott's Roadside (formerly Taylor's Refresher) $$
St. Helena's world famous, up-scale burger stand. 933 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 963-3486

Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen $$
Nepalese & Indian specialties are featured in relaxed, upscale surrounds with a sidewalk patio. 1148 Main Street, St Helena, (707) 963-4439

La Prima Pizza $$
Excellent middle-American pizza with chewy crust, tasty sauce, and plenty of toppings. Lunch and dinner. 1010 Adams St., St Helena, (707) 963-7909

Model Bakery 
Local artisan bread and pastries as well as sandwiches, pizza, and coffee. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 1357 Main St., St Helena, (707) 963-8192

Pizzeria Tra Vigne $$
Pizzas, pastas, and piadines in a casual atmosphere. 1020 Main St., St. Helena, (707) 967-9999

The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone $$$ 
The dazzling restaurant space, created by noted designer Adam Tihany, offers a view of the chefs at work from every hand-crafted table. 2555 Main St., St Helena, (707) 967-1010

Villa Corona $
A favorite among students for fat, tasty burritos. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 1138 Main St., St Helena, (707) 963-7812 

Graduation Requirements

If you are planning to complete your Associate, Bachelor's, or Master's degree at any time during this school year, you must submit an Application to Graduate. Application forms are available in the Records Office, at the north end of Graf Hall, facing Irwin Hall. The documents needed and submission requirements are listed below.  Please read carefully.

  • Applications: accepted online via email.  You may request an application form by email to  If possible, please print and complete the application by hand, or use software that allows you to type over a PDF.  If printed, the application should be re-scanned or photographed as a PDF.  Scans and photographs must be fully clear and legible.  Applications should be returned as a PDF attachment by email to
  • Printed, signed program evaluations will no longer be required. You must still be fully registered for all courses needed to complete your degree, with the exception of GNST 201 or 401, and must still contact your advisor.  However, we will accept an email from your advisor, directly to, confirming that they are aware of your intent to graduate with the specific degree you are completing, and that they have reviewed and approve of your plan.  The Records Office will print a copy of your program evaluation for your file and include a copy of your advisor's email in lieu of their signature.  We will need an email from each advisor for each degree you plan to graduate with.
  • You will need to provide an audio recording of your name pronunciation as you wrote it on the Diploma Name line of your application.  These recordings should be clearly understandable for use as a guide for pronouncing your name correctly.  They should be emailed to as an attachment.
  • We will accept graduation contract agreements by email.  Once your application is accepted and approved, you will be provided with an email for the graduation contract. 

Please note that any coursework being transferred from another institution must be received NO LATER THAN the first day of Spring Quarter, March 29, 2021. This means that the transfer coursework must be completed prior to Spring Quarter. If you are transferring courses in and PUC does not have official record of them yet, you must also bring printed proof of completion (including final grade) or proof of enrollment for these courses.

Master's degree candidates should meet with their advisor, ensure all courses are registered, and ask their advisor to e-mail the Graduation Analyst confirmation that their degree will be completed during the 2021 academic year. Master's degree students are only required to bring their completed Application to Graduate to meet with the Graduation Analyst.

If you have any questions, please contact Candi Carstens in the Records Office at (707) 965-6676, or by e-mail at

Graduation List

List of current students set to graduate in June.