PUC Update 10: Changes to Shelter-at-Home Order

On Thursday, April 23, Napa County announced an update to the current Shelter-at-Home Order. While the changes show a relaxation in some areas, overall it doesn't change anything about the current status of our campus.

Here is a list of what's new in the updated order: 

  • Strong recommendation of the wearing of face coverings while in public settings.
  • Permits all construction with proper physical distancing protocols.
  • Permits drive-in religious services with proper physical distancing protocols.
  • Permits In-Person real estate agent-client residential viewings with proper protocols.
  • Permits landscaping and gardening maintenance that is not purely for cosmetic purposes
  • Allows the use of golf courses and driving ranges with documented protocols that are outlined Appendix C of the revised order.
  • Restricts bocce ball and cornhole sports.
  • Empowers the police chiefs and city attorneys to ensure compliance of all aspects of this order within their jurisdiction.

No new end date is being estimated at this time and we're told by the county that the order will remain indefinite until further notice.

While any amount of relaxation on the order shows that we are making progress in flattening the curve, the number of cases in Napa County is still growing. With 57 cumulative cases (24 of which are now officially designated as recovered!) the growth is much slower than originally projected, but we are not getting ahead of ourselves. We will respect the county and state guidance for the health and safety of our campus family and surrounding community.

By the way, details regarding Napa County cases and testing numbers, as well as a great global snapshot, are updated every day at 1:00 PM and can be found online here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Report for Napa County

You'll notice the top bullet point in the updated order is about wearing face coverings in public settings. This is still not a requirement, but we request that you please comply. As you know, you can carry COVID-19 without exhibiting a single symptom, so wearing a mask or simple face covering is good for you and also respects the health and safety of all those performing essential services that you encounter while out in public. Plus, it helps prevent you bringing the virus back to campus if you are working here.

Staying on the topic of face coverings for one more moment, Health Services would like to kindly remind you that both your mouth and nose must be covered for any kind of mask to be effective. For further guidance, please see the attached one-pager of tips.

The other big announcement that came out yesterday was regarding the expansion of testing locally, which is a huge step. Thanks to a partnership between the County of Napa, CORE, and Verily, individuals can now directly request a COVID-19 test through the Project Baseline online form. People who are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to the virus through contact can simply fill in the questionnaire, and their responses will determine whether they are eligible for a testing appointment instead of going through a medical provider. Details can be found here: Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program

IMPORTANT: If you are working on the PUC campus as an essential employee, you should still coordinate with Health Services for testing. They can be reached 24/7 at (707) 965-6789.

It wouldn't be a COVID-19 update email without a few quick reminders:

  • Outside of the PUC Forest and track, our campus is closed to outside visitors. There have been reports of increased vandalism in the Angwin area, so please alert Public Safety if you see anything that seems suspicious at (707) 965-6551.
  • Only employees who have been designated as essential and students who have been cleared by Student Life and Health Services should be on campus. If you fall under one of those categories, please do not bring visitors with you and double check that doors are locked behind you when entering and exiting buildings.
  • Off-campus students are not allowed to return to the Residence Halls to pick up items or visit. Please alert a Dean or RA if a student is here so they can be addressed.
  • Health Services and the Counseling Center are here for you. If you have questions or are experiencing symptoms that concern you, you can reach someone 24 hours a day. These symptoms are not limited to COVID-19. If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, or anything else that worries you, you are in good company - you are living through a global pandemic, so please take extra care with all aspects of your health. Both Health Services and the Counseling Center can be reached 24/7 at (707) 965-6789.