PUC Update 11: PUC Plans for Fall 2020

As the end of this school year approaches, PUC is already looking forward to welcoming our students back on campus in the fall. We are so proud of the way the PUC family has come together in response to this pandemic, and the continued safety of everyone will remain our top priority as we continue to make plans. We wanted to share an update on the progress of those plans today.

Napa County has now moved into an expanded Stage 2, allowing more businesses to safely re-open, including an allowance for schools from the 1st of June. It is vital that we do everything possible to protect the health and safety for our students, faculty, and staff, and there is no doubt that we will have to see changes to our campus and modifications to our operations for us to re-open our campus in fall. 

While we are still working on many details, we are sensitive to student and family concerns and promise a solution that will likely allow remote learning for those who are not ready to be in a campus environment.

Administration is working directly with health and county officials regarding our plans, and the officials have shared extensive praise with us regarding PUC's COVID-19 response and future planning. They have told us that we are ahead of most other campuses when it comes to our plans for a safe re-opening. 

We look forward to having the entire PUC family together again for fall 2020! We also look forward to sharing our plans for how we can make this transition back to campus safely. We will have further details ready to share with you on June 26.