PUC’s Spring Week of Worship Uplifts and Encourages Students

By Ally Romanes on May 2, 2024

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Pacific Union College held Week of Worship in the PUC Church from April 15-19. This school year’s theme, “All In,” continued to be the focus.

Pastor Roger Hernandez spoke for this spring’s Week of Worship. He is one of seven pastors in his family, the Ministerial and Evangelism Director for the SDA Southern Union Conference, and has served in ministry for over 30 years. Before focusing on the message, Hernandez thanked the college for inviting him to speak and complimented the praise team. Sharing how honored he felt to be on campus, Hernandez mentioned he was already getting the full PUC experience by going to the gym, eating at the dining commons, and basking in the Angwin heat.

Hernandez opened the week by discussing failures we go through in life—bringing up questions such as why we fail and how pridefulness can lead to downfall. Although life brings us failure, it’s about how we react to those obstacles. Hernandez brought up Philippians 3:12, which talks about being imperfect, not reaching our goals yet, but winning the prize of being called to Heaven.

Throughout the week, Hernandez preached stories of Jacob, having a relationship with God, and how Jesus is the star and savior. Mental health and anxiety were also touched on during his sermons to remind students that those feelings are normal. “You can’t do anything about your feelings, but you can do something about your thoughts,” said Hernandez. “Feelings are not meant to be suppressed. Thoughts are meant to be changed.”

He encouraged students to embrace the challenges in life, be resilient, and place their lives in God's hands. Hernandez reminded PUC students that if they think they have ruined God’s plan for their life, they should remember they don’t have that power. “Your mess-ups are not greater than God’s mercy,” expressed Hernandez.

Students from the Campus Ministries team shared that the whole week was filled with "reality check" messages. They appreciated how Hernandez shared them because although he gave students a reality check, he did so in a kind and uplifting way. He incorporated PUC’s school year theme, "All In," as it tied together and pushed students to be better people practically and spiritually.

"The people I talked to agreed that there were parts that hit close to home more than we’d want to admit," said Leila Beltran, campus ministries student. "That whole week was full of messages that challenged my way of thinking, which doesn’t happen in these types of things as often as it did. That was really cool to witness!"

On the last day of Week of Worship, Hernandez thanked PUC again for inviting him to speak and for the hospitality he received from the college. Students also could win Nike Air Force 1s given by Hernandez by submitting their names. Alexis Villareal won the shoes at the end of the week.

At the end of each message, Hernandez prayed for different requests and even invited those who were struggling with anxiety, mental health, and feeling overwhelmed to the altar. He passionately prayed for PUC students and faculty and reminded them that God’s plan will prevail.