PUC Bids Farewell To Vice President for Student & Spiritual Life Dr. Ryan Smith

By Ally Romanes on July 9, 2024

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For the last two years, Vice President for Student and Spiritual Life Dr. Ryan Smith made tremendous changes to Pacific Union College. Smith stepped into the role at a critical time as the college was moving forward with its new vision and future plans following the COVID-19 pandemic.

He realigned departments, worked to change the Teaching Learning Center into the Student Success Center, supported dorm remodeling projects, improved the athletics program, and served as the role of chaplain for a year while the campus worked to fill the position. His dedication to students and the connections he made will be missed.

“Ryan has a unique blend of wisdom, experience, compassion, and presence,” shared PUC President Dr. Ralph Trecartin. “I have often felt that he was the perfect team member one would want to work with. We agreed on most things after discussing various viewpoints, and we could disagree with smiles and laughter, parting as respected colleagues when this happened. Ryan helped PUC and me tremendously over the past two years. While I fervently wish he would continue on our team, I understand that someone like him has endless new opportunities."

Smith’s career spans from student life and academia in the Seventh-day Adventist education and state university system. He received his bachelor’s degree at Oakwood University, master’s from Alabama A&M University, and a doctorate from Morgan State University.

PUC is blessed to have benefited from his experience, knowledge, and leadership throughout the campus and community. Students and colleagues are sad to see him leave but wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Smith will be departing from PUC on August 2, 2024.