PUC 2022 Class Gift Supports Angwin Food Pantry

By Ashley Eisele on July 7, 2022

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Every graduating class has the opportunity to leave a legacy and make an impact through their senior class gift. PUC’s Class of 2022 decided they wanted the impact of their gift to be felt by the local community through a generous donation to the Angwin Food Pantry.

“The class decided to give back to the community for all that they do in support of the college,” said Professor Tuwan Ussery, associate professor of social work and 2022 class sponsor. “Additionally, many of the class officers saw firsthand the need in the community through the Angwin Food Pantry and they wanted to serve community residents.”

The pantry serves anyone in the area who is facing food insecurity, and the class’s donation comes at a critical time as rising food costs are causing more people to look for support. The pantry has seen a recent increase in the number of individuals and families picking up fresh produce, canned food, and other household staples at the pantry’s regular distributions at the PUC Church. 

“While we can’t quantify the depth and breadth that this gift will have on the community,” said Milbert Mariano, PUC’s vice president of academic administration and academic dean. “It’s the right thing to do at this moment and will make a difference in the lives of so many.” 

Included with the Class of 2022’s donation were refrigerators and furniture that will fill urgent needs for the pantry, as well as members of the community.

“The pantry receives calls throughout the month from community residents needing food, and this donation will assist them in refrigerating dairy items and freezing meat products for those who are experiencing food insecurities between food distribution days,” said Ussery. “The furniture will be donated to community residents, including fire victims.”

The Angwin Food Pantry was initially organized by PUC social work students and faculty in 2009. Students are able to gain valuable experience through their service at the pantry, and other volunteers include college employees and members of PUC’s leadership team who appreciate the Class of 2022 donation.

“I have volunteered several times and have seen the line of people in this community who have benefitted from this service, and see how much it is needed,” said Mariano. “It really connects with PUC’s call to Serve with Love, and it warms my heart that this class has embodied that in their gift.”