PUC Ranks Second Per Capita Among Adventist Colleges for Students Studying Abroad

By Larissa Church on July 21, 2016

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Pacific Union College continues its strong international presence as one of the leading Adventist institutions participating in Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA). For the 2015-2016 academic year, PUC ranked second among the 13 Adventist colleges and universities in North America for the number of students per capita who studied abroad during the year, with 33 students studying at schools around the world.

Through ACA, PUC students have the opportunity to study abroad at 12 international Adventist schools for a summer or full academic year. In total, 419 PUC students have studied abroad over the last 10 years; with the most popular destinations being Spain (143), Argentina (97), Italy (64), and France (53). Of the 419 students, 344 studied abroad for the full academic year, which places PUC as the third highest Adventist college or university in North America sending students abroad for a full academic year during the last decade.

Graduating PUC students who have participated in the ACA program are given a distinctive stole to wear marking the time they spent invested in their host country (or countries). This year, 32 graduates from the Class of 2016 were recognized with these stoles, with two of the graduates having the special distinction of wearing stoles decorated with two flags apiece: Pascale Péan, who studied in France and Spain and graduated with a bachelor’s in intercultural communication with an emphasis in French; and Josué Tobar, who studied in France and Germany and graduated with a bachelor’s in physics and an associates in engineering. Brett Hayes set a record with a stole featuring three flags for studying in France, Germany, and Lebanon, and he graduated with a degree in intercultural communication with an emphasis in German.

Dr. Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti, chair of the recently renamed department of world languages and cultures, says, “The time spent with ACA provides more than a language- and culture-learning experience for students. For those who invest a full academic year, it’s absolutely transformative … It’s clear that our ACA students, who hail from our ethnically and culturally diverse campus, become even better equipped to become leaders, bridge-builders, and intercultural communicators. It’s a fantastic way to prepare for a life of service!”

As the number of students seeking to add study abroad experiences to their college curriculums continues to grow, PUC remains firmly committed to the tradition of sending students abroad. Between this summer and the coming school year, there will be 50 PUC students studying abroad. For more information about ACA and how studying abroad can complement your career goals, call (800) 862-7080 or email admissions@puc.edu to talk with an enrollment counselor.