PUC Announces New Degree Program in Music Composition

By Staff Writer on January 19, 2016

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Pacific Union College is excited to announce the introduction of an exciting new bachelor’s degree program focused on music composition. The inaugural class will enroll this fall and has already been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. PUC will be the first Adventist college or university in North America to offer a program to specifically serve students interested in this burgeoning field.

Building on the firm foundation of a well-established undergraduate music program, the new major expands PUC’s music portfolio and complements the college’s existing degree in music education and performance. Students can expect to gain a solid foundation in techniques and current trends associated with the creation of new music. Additionally, PUC students will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with and compose for PUC student filmmakers in the College’s film and television program.

“USA Today described music composition as one of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the United States this decade,” shares Asher Raboy, resident artist of music and assistant department chair. “We created the new major in response to a growing interest in composing among current students and recent graduates.” According to Raboy, current students have shown a strong desire to compose, to use composition in their capstone courses, and to make composition the focus of their college careers.

PUC’s Bachelor of Music with an emphasis composition was designed for students looking to forge careers in creating and producing music for worship, film, television, orchestration and arranging, theatre, animation, video games and more. It reflects the current and evolving nature of professional music making in the digital age, where the job description of today’s contemporary musician often includes live and studio performance, audio engineering/editing and mastering, as well as music synthesis and programming.

“Today's composers have a vast new spectrum of employment possibilities,” said Dr. Edwin Moore, associate academic dean and interim chair for the department of music. The major is a perfect choice for students seeking careers as recording artists, music producers, sound designers, arrangers, orchestrators, music editors, musical directors, and performing artists. “This program will prepare students for these occupations, and also facilitates entry into graduate programs that are gateways into good positions for composers,” Moore further explained.

Courses in music theory, music technology, counterpoint form, arranging, orchestration, composition for visual media, and conducting give the student a thorough preparation in comprehensive musicianship. And, with access to guest artists, internships, and the thriving Bay Area music and media arts scene, PUC students will be connected to the industry before they graduate. 

For more information about the program, contact Asher Raboy at 707.965.7137 or araboy@puc.edu. Students interesting in applying should visit www.puc.edu/apply.