Generations: A Family of Artists

By Lainey S. Cronk on December 18, 2007

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Pacific Union College’s Rasmussen Art Gallery will be displaying “Generations: A Family of Artists” from October 4 to October 26. The show will exhibit the work of John, Bryan, Will, and Jacquelyn Hewitt, four talented members of the same family. Their artwork reportoire includes watercolor and oil painting, sculpture, photography and ink drawing.

The Hewitts are a diverse family. John is an E.R. doctor who teaches PUC’s annual summer art classes at the Albion Field Station in Mendocino. His three children decidedly have artistic blood running through their veins: Jacquelyn graduated from PUC with both an art degree and an English degree and is currently studying for her MFA in Ireland; William is a political activist who spent time in Palestine this past year and has done ink drawings of the Palestinian people; and Bryan is pursuing his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute.