Professor King's Book Published

By Beth Whittemore on December 18, 2007

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Pacific Union College professor of biblical studies, Dr. Greg A. King, recently authored a book called Kings and Chronicles: A History of Divided Monarchy, published by Pacific Press. The book is intended to be a Sabbath school lesson study help. It analyzes and explains 13 different stories from the books of Kings and Chronicles. This was the time in Israel’s history when the region was ruled by a series of kings.

The stories in King’s book include events from the lives of famous Old Testament characters such as Solomon, Elijah, Jeroboam, Ahab, and Hezekiah. These stories give in-depth historical information on the people and the times, and they provide devotional studies for personal spiritual growth. In all of the stories, God’s mercy and compassion toward his people show through.

“It’s my hope that readers of this book gain insights into an often overlooked portion of the Bible. Many of the challenges that God’s people faced in that time are still here today,” says King.

Greg King has been a professor in the religion department at PUC since 1987, and he is now chair of the department. He teaches courses in Old Testament theology and Hebrew. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University and a Ph.D. from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. King has written several other articles for scholarly and popular magazines, such as the Adventist Review and Ministry, but this is his first full-length book. He is currently looking at the possibility of editing a two-volume commentary on the entire Bible.