New T1's Establish Network Equality

By Beth Whittemore on December 18, 2007

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Two new T1’s will be installed on the Pacific Union College campus by February 15, which will mean much faster Internet service for students. The new T1’s, as well as a server that rations Internet use, are a result of a bill proposed by PUC senator Al Ochoa. Student senate and the school administration are combining funds to help make the faster Internet possible.

The idea for this bill came from computer science major, Jason Whitney. Concerned about the sluggishness of the Internet making his homework more difficult, he spoke to Ochoa about some possible solutions. Senate and the administration agreed upon a plan: Senate and the administration will each pay half of the cost for the new server, and Senate will pay for the first month’s fee for the new T1’s if the administration will continue paying it. Ochoa was not only surprised that the administration agreed to this plan, but also pleased that the work is being completed so quickly.

There have been some concerns regarding the new rationing of the Internet, however. Cassaundra Shewmake, a graphic design major, has already been disconnected from her Internet service.

“It doesn’t bother me to not be able to listen to the radio over the Internet and things like that, but right now the limit is too low to get my homework done,” Shewmake says. Even Ochoa and Whitney feel that the limit is too low.

“I can easily use that amount in an hour doing work for classes and important personal business,” says Whitney. Jason Miller, a worker from the information technology (IT) department, says that most of the complaints he has heard have been about not being able to download movies and listen to the radio over the Internet. Apparently the server is doing its intended job. After the T1’s are installed, the limit is likely to go up, however. The exact figure is unknown, as IT is in a trial phase right now.