Educator of the Year Presents Goals for PUC

By Amy Bauer-Heald on December 18, 2007

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Bill Hemmerlin, Educator of the Year for 2000-2001, presented his goals for Pacific Union College’s teaching environment in a lecture to his colleagues during faculty and staff college assembly on Tuesday, April 2. Hemmerlin is a professor of chemistry who has taught at PUC since 1979. Last year’s award marked the second time he has been recognized as Educator of the Year for his excellence in teaching at PUC.

Hemmerlin spent much his presentation recalling the significant teachers who shaped his educational experience. From elementary his days through graduate school, Hemmerlin noted the devotion, inspiration, and challenges his teachers presented, highlighting the specific impact each teacher made on his life.

Hemmerlin concluded his lecture by outlining his goals for the teaching environment at PUC. He suggested mentors for new teachers, to be chosen from more experienced faculty, and an open policy of visitation by teachers between classrooms. Hemmerlin also noted the advantages of a videotaping service whereby a faculty member can record a class for later observation of his or her teaching style. This, together with an independent teaching evaluation system, will allow educators better insight into how they are perceived by students. He concluded the lecture by calling for a series of continuing education programs for the faculty, which address specific topics of interest from learning styles and disabilities to grading methods, legal issues, and the practice of writing fair and challenging exams.

Response was positive to Hemmerlin’s presentation and faculty members were in favor of creating an even more supportive network for PUC’s educators.

The 2001-2002 Educator of the Year will be announced during the chapel ceremony on May 30.