Campus Goes Wireless

December 18, 2007

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Checking e-mail just became a little easier at Pacific Union College. The school is pleased to announce the recent completion of a campus-wide wireless network. The free wireless service, which is available in classrooms and buildings across campus, allows students and employees with wireless equipped notebooks to connect to the network quickly and conveniently. PUC is the first Adventist college to go wireless. In residence hall lobbies and the cafeteria, in the gym and from each classroom, PUC students can connect to the network’s vast resources.

Wireless service was first brought to campus last summer as part of a general system upgrade. To make their bid for the project more competitive, the company whom PUC eventually hired agreed to provide wireless service at no additional cost. Because PUC paid only for the student labor required to install the system, the school was able to provide students with the luxury of wireless transmission without spending several hundred thousand dollars.

In addition to the free wireless network, Pacific Union College upgraded hardware across campus and added bandwidth to increase internet connection to the residence halls.