Congress Approves $250,000 for PUC

By Amy Bauer-Heald on November 14, 2007

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Recent Congressional approval secures $250,000 for Pacific Union College. The money will be used for maintainaince and improvements on the Napa Valley Community Resource Center.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) requested the funds as part of the Veterans Administration-Housing and Urban Development Fiscal Year 2002 Appropriations Bill, which is currently in Congress. A final vote in the House and Senate must be secured before the bill goes to the President for his signature.

The Resource Center in Napa serves as a base for Pacific Union College’s Center for Continuing and Professional Education which offers teaching credentials and Bachelors’ degrees in Early Childhood Education, and Business Management. Part of the grant money will also go toward additional technology at the Resource Center.

“This is great news for Napa Valley and Pacific Union College,” stated Boxer. “The improvement of this facility will mean a better education for our children , a broader economic base for the community, and increased access to developing technology.”

Michelle Mesnard, Pacific Union College director of public relations, emphasizes that “the success of the Napa Valley Community Resource Center has been a collaborative effort. Pacific Union College has worked with Napa Valley College, the Napa Valley Economic Development Corporation and many Valley residents in developing education programs that are needed in our community. The additional grant money allows us to strengthen these programs.”