PUC Students Spend Christmas in India

By Julie Z. Lee on November 14, 2007

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Working with Maranatha Volunteers International, PUC students constructed seven churches over their Christmas break in the remote region around Falakata, India, north of Calcutta. Based in school dormitories complete with mosquito nets and malaria pills, eight students travelled up to an hour and a half to their daily work sites in farmland areas, fording rivers in buses, and ferrying across waterways each day.

Four students Osbaldo Gutierrez, Rayme Inae, Jessica Shine, and Noreen Yoshida are officers of PUC's Student Association and were joined on the trip by Tim Hill, Edmund Koh, Jorgan Pitts, and Heather Thomas. Thomas joined the medical team, treating local residents, while Inae assisted Maranatha with videography. The rest helped in Maranatha's construction crews, using their six days in the area to finish seven churches.