PUC Launches New Educational Center for the Napa Valley

By Mike Mennard on November 14, 2007

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It took two and a half years and a little help from the U.S. Congress, but yesterday, April 20, Pacific Union College presented the grand opening ceremonies for the new Napa Valley Community Resource Center. Located at the corners of Highways 12 and 29, the Center is a joint venture between PUC and the local community to provide educational opportunities for Napa and the surrounding communities.

Approximately 150 people attended the opening, including educators from PUC and Napa Valley College, as well as civic leaders. Congressman Mike Thompson, who has actively supported the Center, was slated to speak for the ceremony, but was unable to attend.

Allene Timar, vice president of instruction at Napa Valley College, officially cut the ribbon at the ceremony, signifying the important partnership between the Napa Valley's two colleges.

Both Ms. Timar and PUC President Malcolm Maxwell cited how the new Center will provide continuing instruction for students who began their education at Napa Valley College. Céline Haugen, executive director of the Napa Valley Economic Development Corporation, cited how the new facility will provide technology training for employees in local business. In addition, the Center will partner with Napa educators to provide teacher credentialing (starting in the fall), adult degree completion programs, and training in other areas of community service.