PUC Presents the Intriguing Mystery Tales of Europe

By Heather Lackey on November 13, 2007

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The Elmer Herr Adventure Series presents an investigative travel film entitled Mystery Tales of Europe. This film was created by prize winning journalist Hal McClure and features four puzzling European mysteries set against the backdrops of London, Bavaria, Vienna, and Transylvania.

We will visit the London Tower, possible site of the deaths of the "Little Princes." Were they really murdered by their uncle, Richard III? Bavaria is the home of fairy tale castles, several of which were built by the mad King Ludwig II. Was his death an accident or murder? The famous Vienna Woods are the site of an old mystery as well. Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria and his mistress were found shot to death in his hunting lodge. What really happened? Finally, we will visit Romania to investigate the Transylvanian legend. How did folk hero Prince Vlad Tepes Dracula become the fictional and famous Count Dracula? While searching for the answers to these historical questions, Hal McClure also shows us many of the beautiful and interesting sites of England, Austria, Bavaria, and Romania.