PUC Presents "4HIM" in Concert

By Heather Lackey on November 13, 2007

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On Thursday, March 4, Pacific Union College presents the contemporary Christian recording artists, 4HIM, in concert. The concert will feature the exciting sounds of their new album, Obvious, which will be released in April. 4HIM, one of Christian music's most popular groups, features pop vocal harmonies with purposeful lyrics and fresh instrumentation.

4HIM's music has always been strongly focused on God, and displays that focus through well-crafted harmonies and inspirational lyrics. Their latest album is titled Obvious to convey their message: that one's beliefs and faith should be obvious to all. They feel that this is the Christian believer's responsibility and quest, and they strive to use their music to fulfill that commitment.

The group formed in 1990, and since then has produced seven albums and nearly twenty number one hit singles. They have also received many awards, including a Grammy nomination in 1997, multiple Dove Awards, and a CCM Magazine "Song of the Year" Award in 1994. The sound of 4HIM shows influences from such groups as Chicago and Kansas. Throughout the years, the sound of their music has changed and matured. Their latest album features more guitar sounds, and it is more natural than previous recordings. The theme of their music has remained consistently Christian, however, and that focus is still obviously paramount.