PUC undergoes administrative transitions

By on November 12, 2007

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PUC began its 117th academic year, not only with a new class of freshmen, but with changes in the administration as well.

After 16 years of serving as the vice president for financial administration, Tom Hopmann announced his retirement last spring. John Collins was recently invited to be Hopmann's replacement. Collins, an alumnus of PUC, came to the college in 1988 to work as the vice president of student administration and enrollment management.

In turn, Lisa Bissell Paulson, who came to PUC in 1995 as vice president of public relations, took the place of Collins, becoming vice president for student services, public relations, and enrollment. Along with overseeing the PUC's public relations office, Paulson is also responsible for all campus life outside of the classroom.

Hopmann will continue to work part-time, focusing on special projects for the President.