Twenty-Four Students Accepted Into Medical School

By Melanee Grondahl on September 17, 2007

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The next generation of physicians has recently undergone a dramatic increase. Twenty-four Pacific Union College students have been accepted into Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, CA.

John S. Thorn, associate dean of admissions at Loma Linda School of Medicine, interviewed prospective medical students from PUC and was impressed with the applicants. "The science department does a marvelous job of advising, and PUC's overall richness of undergraduate education sets the tone for students' future education," he said. According to Thorn, LLU looks at students' "overall academic growth, an approximate GPA of 3.7 in required science courses, and no obvious weakness in MCAT scores."

Loma Linda University School of Medicine was founded in 1909. The university currently has an enrollement of 680 medical students.The university is "dedicated to combine the best of medical science with caring Christian compassion," said Thorn.

Dr. Gilbert Muth, professor of biology at Pacific Union College, said prospective medical students will have an advantage at smaller colleges like PUC because students get a more personalized education. "They can go to their professors and get help on their work, and their largest class will have 80 students in it instead of 500," Muth said.

According to The Right College, a guide to more than 1500 colleges and universities nationwide, PUC ranks among the top 10 American colleges for the percentage of recent male graduates going on to medical school. PUC is in the top 20 for female graduates.