Silverado English Club

By Melinda Smith on September 17, 2007

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You've heard the higher education horror stories: all-night cram sessions, mass caffeine ingestion, Blue Book essay exams. But despite what your parents have told you, college is not all work and no play. Consider this alternate true life tale involving 25 relaxed undergraduates and a handful of English teachers.

It was an open-mike gathering in the tradition of the beatniks. There was no tension in the candlelit atmosphere. People calmly sipped hot cider as poets, musicians, and soul daddies stepped up to perform. Who were these hip insiders? None other than members of Pacific Union College's Silverado Club.

The Silverado Club is sponsored by the college's English department, and its activities are in no way limited to poetry readings. Previous endeavors have included trips to San Francisco's De Young Museum, come-as-your favorite-author theme parties, film discussion groups, theater outings, creative writing groups, and birthday celebrations for literary legends. Each year, the club is represented at PUC's Fall Festival (the theme of the most recent booth-- an Indian book bazaar complete with massages). The Silverado Club, in conjunction with international Honor's club, Sigma Tau Delta, also produces Quicksilver, an annual publication of student poetry and artwork. At PUC, you needn't tackle Shakespeare 474 to satisfy your literary leanings (though I recommend it). The Silverado English Club will be happy to stand in for the bard.