PUC Presents Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

By Michelle Konn on September 17, 2007

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Pacific Union College's Dramatic Arts Society is presenting Twelfth Night, a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, from May 8 to 13.

The plot involves a twin brother and sister, Sebastian (Eric Ortner) and Viola (Kami Schey), who have been shipwrecked off the coast of the island of Illyria. The twins become separated, and each believes the other has drowned. Illyria is governed by Duke Orsino (Ciprian Gheorghe), who has been unsuccessfully trying to court a noblewoman, Olivia (Anna McCart).

Viola decides to dress as a man in order to survive in her new found position as a single woman in a strange country. She obtains a position with Duke Orsino and is given the task of delivering the Duke's messages of love to the Lady Olivia. Viola complies, but in the course of doing so finds herself in love with the Duke. To complicate matters further, Olivia falls in love with the Duke's messenger, not knowing that he is really a woman. This sets the stage for an intriguing love triangle whose resolution will delight viewers of all ages.

Sophomore Anna McCart said working on the play has been a challenge. "The language of Shakespeare is difficult to learn, but I think it will be a cultural experience," she said. "The most important thing will be to get his message across and give the audience a laugh."

DAS sponsor Andrea Griggs said the 24-member cast has done a wonderful job of portraying the love, humor and music of Twelfth Night. "Their hard work will show, and I think audiences will be impressed," Griggs said.