Interview with Junior Theology Major Jonathan Henderson

September 17, 2007

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In your opinion, what are the best things about Pacific Union College?

The scenery. It is remote, but not too remote. We are away from the city, and I like to be away from the city sometimes. I can see God's beautiful handiwork in all the nature around. I also like the people up here. The teachers are good. Everything! I like the whole school.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I have more than one favorite teacher. I like Professor Greg King. He has a way of coming in and talking about family experiences. It is like a personal relationship--which is important to students. I really like John McVay, because he's such a learned and brilliant scholar. Myron Widmer has a lot of experience in real-life ministry. This has given him a lot of wisdom, and I admire him for that. I enjoy Angel Hernandez's thought-provoking lectures. I also admire Keith Francis' wide spectrum of knowledge, in everything from history to entertainment.

Do you find most of the PUC teachers to be helpful?

Definitely. If you are having a problem in class, the teachers will notify you. Most teachers are concerned for their students. My teachers take into consideration my academic life and try to make sure they can help me.

Preaching is almost like teaching. So do you plan to do the same thing in your career?

Yeah. I definitely do. I try to make sure when I speak that I make it personal. I don't like to have notes. I don't like anything to separate me from the audience. I try to have a conversation with them because I feel it sticks in their minds more, and they can relate to me better.

When I go up there I say "Lord, you play me. You're the musician; I'm the instrument." And He puts it all together in nice sequences.

Do you see people that have an active interest in spiritual or religious issues?

I am starting to see an awareness of spirituality. People have a chance to taste the goodness of the Lord--maybe through a song, maybe through a talk. But through experience, they start saying, "Wait a second, this is what I've been needing." I definitely see on campus a desire to know the Lord--a desire to come to the Savior. There's a thirsting for the same living water that Jesus offered the Samaritan woman in John 4.

What is it that makes you a success?

It's my confidence, not in myself, but my confidence in God because I put everything in His hands and I know that He will take care of everything. I can walk with my head up in everything I do and do it with confidence. God is going to make his people a success, not for our name's sake, but for His name's sake.

If you were writing an advertisement for PUC, what would you talk about?

The spiritual atmosphere--I like that a lot. Talking about Jesus is not something that people look down on here. They readily accept it. People aren't afraid to admit their need for Christ, or their desire to know Him.