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Two Pacific Union College Students Receive UPS Scholarship

by Melinda Smith
Two Pacific Union College students have been selected as United Parcel Service Scholars. Michelle Konn, a senior journalism and communication major, and Erik Lundstrom, a sophomore business major, will each be the recipient of a $2,650 scholarship provided by the UPS Foundation's educational endowment fund. The opportunity for involvement in a summer internship program at a UPS distribution center will also be available to the students.

The UPS Foundation, the charitable arm of United Parcel Service, originally established the educational fund with a $4.2 million endowment in 1974. Since that time, more than $17 million has been provided in scholarships and student aid. The fund, which is administered by the Chicago-based Foundation for Independent Higher Education, has grown this year to provide nearly $1.5 million in scholarships and financial aid to 599 of the nation's private colleges and universities.

Selection of the UPS Scholars is determined independently on each campus. PUC evaluated students involved in course work which could be practically applied in a UPS internship program, focusing on the business and communication departments. Konn and Lundstrom were chosen based on GPA and financial need.

Said Lundstrom, "The award is exciting because it could lead to good business experience." Konn also voiced her appreciation: "I am grateful for the recognition from the college. It is a good way to start off the school year."
Note: This is an archived article and does not necessarily represent current issues at Pacific Union College.