Pioneer Update

By Jonathan Watts on June 13, 2007

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The Pacific Union College Men's Pioneer basketball team lost 74-94 to the Southern California College Vanguards on Saturday night, December 14, at Pacific Union College's Pacific Auditorium.

The Pioneers lagged in the first half, allowing Southern California College to build a 20-point lead. The Pioneers kept up with the Vanguards during the second half, but were unable to overtake them.

"It's tough having a game right after finals; everybody's just beat," said PUC Coach Mike Hellie. "We got out-hustled. They were a very fast team."

The Pioneers were led by junior guard Brett Graves with 19 points, and junior center Bryan Banfield with 14 rebounds.

The Pioneers have an overall record of 2-3. They will play their next home game at PUC's Pacific Auditorium on Sunday, January 12, at 7:30 p.m.