New Vespers Option: Sunset Vespers

By Heather Preston on June 13, 2007

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A new vespers option has been approved at Pacific Union College entitled Sunset Vespers, which offers an interactive environment centered around the discussion of religious topics and ideas.

Lela Gilbert, a junior biology major, is the student who coordinated the new vespers option. Gilbert said that she first thought of the idea during winter quarter when she was discussing the need for an interactive worship option with one of her professors. "Because of it's size, the current vespers option does not give students the opportunity to interact in spiritual discussion," said Gilbert. "The new Sunset Vespers was designed to offer this type of worship environment."

The vespers meets every Friday just after sunset and is worth two worship credits. The format involves a faculty member presenting an introduction to the topic of the evening, followed by open discussion amongst the students. Currently, there are approximately 15-20 students who attend, and Gilbert says the Sunset Vespers is "definitely meeting the needs of interaction and variety."

John Collins, vice president for student life at PUC, feels that the new vespers option is a positive addition to the various study groups that meet regularly at the college.