Adventist Colleges Abroad

Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA)

Many students aren't aware there are Adventist colleges and universities all over the world. As a PUC student, you have an opportunity to study at any of them for a summer or even a full year, in such places as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, England, Argentina, and even Israel, through Adventist Colleges Abroad, more often referred to as ACA.

You might be wondering, why would anyone want to "go ACA"? There are many reasons! It's important for students to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities PUC offers because students can:

  • Gain real life experiences a classroom could never provide
  • Develop an expanded worldview and multicultural perspective
  • Strengthen proficiency in a foreign language
  • Experience personal growth
  • Travel
  • Make new friends
  • Increase career marketability, and more!

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My Life-Changing Year Studying Abroad in Spain

For one, I went completely out of my comfort zone: I have never moved outside of the Bay Area, I live only about an hour or so from my college, and I have never really been away from home AND my family for more than a week.

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My Year Studying Abroad in Spain

My name is Stefaan and I spent last year studying abroad in Spain, through the Adventist Colleges Abroad program at the Escuela Superior de Español de Sagunto (ESDES). As a photography major with a love for sharing the world around me, I’ve been asked to share some of my adventures here on PUC’s Admissions blog, for anyone interested in the ACA program.

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Learn More About the Adventist Colleges Abroad Program

Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) is a study abroad program with affiliates in countries around the world. There are many advantages to studying abroad. You of course get to travel and see great historical and cultural sites, but you also learn about other countries, cultures, peoples, and languages.

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Viva Italia!

I get a lot of questions from students asking what study abroad opportunities PUC offers. It’s exciting to me that students are interested in traveling and learning about different cultures.

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How to Apply

If you aren't current at PUC student: To apply for participation in ACA through PUC, you must be an accepted PUC student. If you haven't yet applied to PUC, complete and submit the following to the PUC Admissions Office:

  • PUC application (
  • Official transcripts – both college and high school
  • A letter of recommendation

This application process is separate from application to the ACA Program. Send to one of the following:

  • Fax (707) 965-6671
  • Admissions, Pacific Union College, One Angwin Avenue, Angwin, CA 94508

Complete the online portion of the ACA application, entering and uploading requested information, then print out all pages of your application for completion by hand.

Secure all the off-campus signatures (for example, the person responsible for your finances, etc.)

Apply to ACA

For academic year program applications: Make appointments to see each of the individuals listed below. Each has important information to give you (or give about you), so you'll need to make appointments to meet with most in person. Each needs to sign the appropriate line on the last page of your application. Take your complete application with you for sign-offs.

The following order is recommended:

  • Academic advisor or advisors (not necessarily the department chair) – All advisors should be consulted
  • Student Finance: Freddy Whiteside, director (Finance building)
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee ($100) at Cashier. Keep your receipt with the application!
  • ACA campus representative: Dr. Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti (Irwin Hall 212)
  • Student Life: Jennifer Tyner, vice president (Graf Hall). Student Life will forward your application to Records/ACA Recommendation Committee.

Note 1: Do not request an Admissions signature. This will be affixed once your application is voted on by PUC's ACA Recommendation Committee and approved for recommendation to ACA.

Note 2: Do not write in your own grades or GPA in the Records section. This section will be completed by Records staff after your application is turned in.

For summer program applications: Meet only with 1) the director of Student Finance; and; 2) the ACA campus representative: Dr. Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti (Irwin Hall 212). Submit the completed application and fee of $25 (or cashier's receipt indicating payment of fee) to the Admissions front desk (Front side of Graf Hall). Keep your receipt with the application!

Attend ACA orientation at PUC – Wednesday, May 20, 6:00-8:00 p.m. See the PUC Calendar or announcements for information on location.

  • You will be notified once the ACA Recommendation Committee has taken an action on your application. For questions about this part of the application process, contact Suzie Ermshar (
  • Once your application has been recommended to ACA, you will be sent an application packet. Follow all instructions as carefully and quickly possible, particularly if you need to apply for a visa. NOTE: Visa appointments can usually be made in advance online as you wait for your packet to arrive. It's highly recommended that you secure a visa appointment with ample time. For questions about this part of the process, contact Evelyn Schimpf at ACA (
  • For general questions about applying to ACA, academic questions or for information about the Spanish Studies degree or the Language & Culture Studies degree (Emphases in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) contact the department of world languages department associate chair, Dr. Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti (
  • For questions about the minor in art at ACA-Italy (Villa Aurora, Florence), contact the department of visual arts chair, Prof. Rajeev Sigamoney (