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PUC Admissions Debuts New Mobile-Friendly Site

James Shim, February 6, 2014
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Pacific Union College’s enrollment services and public relations teams have introduced a new website dedicated to providing information and answering questions for future students and their families. The admissions website features fresh design in a mobile-friendly format, all geared toward sharing the distinct academic, spiritual, and social advantages of attending Pacific Union College.

While the College is celebrating its highest enrollment in twenty-four years, the office of enrollment services is actively working with potential students who will enroll 2014 and beyond. Leading this effort and the development of the new website was Jennifer Tyner, vice president for enrollment management and public relations.

“The main goal for this revamp was not just to make the site look good, but drive prospective students to click the apply button,” Tyner shared. “We also wanted to make a new page that would be mobile-friendly, as the old admissions page would come out jumbled and hard to read on a smart phone.”

Because research shows that as many as sixty percent of young people are using their smartphones to visit college websites, adapting the admissions information to be smartphone-friendly was imperative. The new site can be accessed from smartphones and tablets as well as traditional computers; this mobile-friendly emphasis extended to content as well. “With less text in the new website, the information is more clear and also more easily accessible on a phone,” Tyner added. This mobile-friendly feature gives the new admissions site a convenience and accessibility that the previous page did not.

In addition to creating a page that is mobile-friendly and easily accessible, the new website aims to help prospective students experience Pacific Union College for themselves. “We wanted perspective students excited about coming to PUC and experiencing this campus for themselves,” Haley Wesley, creative services director and senior designer for the office of public relations, shared. “We made sure to use vibrant imagery, engaging videos, and relatable testimonies to showcase the PUC lifestyle,” Wesley added.

Visitors to the website should be able to answer the three most important questions shared by potential students: Does this college have my major? Can I afford it? and Will I like it there?, according to director of college relations Cambria Wheeler. “It’s our hope that a potential student visiting the site will really get a feel for the distinct academic, spiritual, and social environment PUC offers,” Wheeler said. “If they take the next step and apply to PUC, our awesome Enrollment Services team is ready to help them through the steps of becoming a PUC Pioneer.”

All of these improvements aim to help future students find information about PUC with ease while making the application process as simple as possible. Visit the admissions website by clicking the “Admissions” tab on any page of the PUC website or visit