College Sees Largest On-Campus Enrollment in 19 Years

By Cambria Wheeler on October 31, 2014

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Pacific Union College’s full residence halls and busy academic buildings are the result of a remarkable increase in retention. Following the October 12 census date, when the college analyses fall enrollment data, PUC is reporting the highest on-campus enrollment since 1995. This fall quarter, 1,634 students are enrolled at PUC’s Angwin campus. Adding off-campus programs such as the RN-BSN program in Napa brings the college’s total enrollment to 1,674 students.

"We are blessed that so many students and their families have chosen Pacific Union College,” states Jennifer Tyner, vice president for enrollment management and marketing. “PUC's outstanding academics and Seventh-day Adventist faith community make it an excellent investment, and I am excited to see what we will accomplish this year as we fulfill the college's unique educational mission."

The college is especially proud of the high number of students who chose to return to PUC to continue their undergraduate education. "The return of such a high percentage of last year's freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is a great indicator that PUC is continuing to provide the excellent, Christ-centered education we promise,” comments Nancy Lecourt, Vice President for academic administration and academic dean. “The high impact learning practices and incredible faculty mentoring PUC students experience are designed with their success in mind."

The college’s new students, both freshman and transfer students, are an integral part of the campus community, which is already benefitting from their unique contributions. The quality new students on campus does not surprise Tyner and her team. "The enrollment team and I are thrilled that so many new students will be experiencing life as PUC Pioneers this school year,” Tyner shares. “As we met these students and talked to them over the last year, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and spirituality. It's great to hear faculty, staff, and returning students already commenting on the impact they're making on campus!"

Tyner and the team in the office of enrollment services have already begun working with the students who will be joining PUC in winter and spring quarter, as well as those who will be part of the student body in September 2015. Prospective students can visit the Admissions website to learn more about how to become a PUC Pioneer.