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Freshmen Move In, With a Little Help

Larry Peña, September 23, 2011
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The residence halls at Pacific Union College were a storm of activity Wednesday, September 21, as the year’s crop of freshmen arrived on their new campus. Faculty, staff, and many upperclassmen welcomed the new faces to campus, helping the freshmen move into the dorms as a volunteer service known as Porter Power.

“This is great! I wish people had done this for me when I started college!” said Student Association Vice President Jessica Kremer, who transferred to PUC as a sophomore. The entire SA government turned out to assist their new classmates into the dorms and welcome them to the student body.

“Porter Power is a reflection of our very mission at PUC—to live a life of service!” says Lisa Bissell-Paulson, Vice President for Student Services. “Why not put our mission into action from the moment students set foot on campus? Parents love the assistance, students see faculty, staff, and students joining together to help them, and in turn, new students immediately embrace serving others. One good deed really does lead to another.”

Now that they’re settled on campus, the freshmen are headed for a campground in the Mendocino forests for a retreat with Fusion, the freshman orientation program that creates a network of small family groups for their first year. The rest of the student body is due to arrive on campus on Sunday, September 25, with instruction beginning the next day.