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African-American Cultural Emphasis

Morgan Chinnock, February 6, 2007
African-American cultural emphasis took place February 1 through 3. The Black Student Forum organized the programs for colloquy, vespers, and church. Each program featured music from The Voices of Zion, the gospel choir on campus. Thursday’s colloquy also included interpretive signing to a song entitled “We Should Praise” and a multimedia tribute to black Americans.

Dr. David Taylor was the speaker for each program. Taylor is the former chair of PUC’s religion department, and at present he serves as an associate dean of religion at Loma Linda University. On Thursday, he emphasized that loving other people means recognizing and embracing their unique backgrounds. On Friday and Sabbath, he spoke on the importance of looking at our memories and staying a part of the church. Taylor presented his thoughts in a way that impacted people of all cultural backgrounds on the PUC campus.