Kin and Rain

By Lainy S. Cronk on December 18, 2007

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The first rainstorm of the season carefully timed its debut to correspond with the annual PUC Parents’ Weekend. As wind scattered the water that seeped from low-hanging gray billows, a record number of parental guests flooded the campus to experience Dining Commons fare, a sprightly vespers, fine performances from the music department ensembles, a volleyball game, and a comedy improv program.

Though the temperamental weather caused some re-thinking for the outdoors Sabbath lunch, it didn’t keep the parents out of the scene; they enthusiastically perused the Pirkle Jones show in the Rasmussen Art Gallery, participated in the highly popular improv program presented by BATS (Bay Area Theater Sports) in the Campus Center, and took advantage of college-hosted meals. A cheering sense of family pervaded the campus as new and “old” students puttered around with their parents and siblings.