Annual Degree Projects Show at the Rasmussen Gallery

By Lainey S. Cronk on December 18, 2007

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Pacific Union College's Rasmussen Art Gallery will be displaying the degree projects of PUC senior art majors from May 22 to June 15. The show will exhibit the projects of 19 senior students. A sense of variety is always a predominant quality of this annual show as art students display the paths of expression they have chosen to explore.

Categories include fine art, graphic design, and photography. Fine art major Jacquelyn Hewitt created a work consisting of 24 paintings and 33 pages of fiction, working simultaneously on the two aspects. Hewitt feels that the effort the project required was worth while because, she says, "People do so many destructive things and make the world ugly; I'm trying to do the opposite, to add more beauty." Emily Bryner, a graphic design student, created a CD cover, press kit, and advertising material for a men's quartet based in Southern California. Says Bryner, "I love music, and have always been fascinated by the way album art draws potential listeners into the music."