All-College Chapel Becomes a Weekly Event at PUC

By on December 18, 2007

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f you’re anywhere but the PUC sanctuary on Thursday mornings from nine to ten, you’re in the wrong place! Starting this year, all Thursday morning chapels will be “All-College” events. What does this mean? It means that everyone, yes everyone, is expected to attend.

Chapel isn’t just for students anymore. All departments, both academic and non-academic, will be closed during this hour and full-time employees are instructed to remain checked in while they attend. PUC President Richard Osborn says, “We feel the value of our community coming together in a worship will be worth far more than the pay. It will add spiritual value to our overall program.” So, if you ever notice that the campus resembles a ghost-town on Thursday mornings, you’ll know where we are––and where you should be!

Opening Convocation, the first chapel of the 2001-2002 school year, promises to be a special event that will set the tone for the entire year. With pomp and ceremony, regalia-clad faculty will usher into the sanctuary to begin Convocation. The September 27 service will expand on the theme, “Our Stories, Ourselves,” which was introduced to faculty and staff members during Colloquy. In addition to an address from the college president Richard Osborn, Eric Anderson, Mike Mennard, and Susi Mundy will comment on various parts of PUC’s narrative with individual presentations.

Upcoming chapel programs include week of prayer speaker Tony Anobile (October 4), Richard Osborn (October 11), speaking on the topic of religious freedom in Virginia and the Adventist obligation to pursue the truth, and Norma Osborn (October 18), who will speak for the first quarterly chapel hosted by the Faculty Women’s Forum.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in this week’s chapel, as well as in the ones to come, by bringing the most important thing you can––yourselves. We all contribute to a worshipful atmosphere on campus.