Student Association Receives Environmental Grant

By Julie Z. Lee on November 13, 2007

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On January 24, Upper Valley Waste Management (UVWM) granted the Pacific Union College Student Association and student senate $2,980 to start a waste reduction and a recycling program on campus. The grant was developed to help UVWM meet a government mandated 50 percent landfill diversion goal, in addition to encouraging north Napa Valley residents to recycle and reduce waste.

$1,980 of the grant will be used to recycle white paper on campus. Four hundred wastebaskets exclusively for recylcing white paper trash will be purchased for each faculty and staff office. PUC plant services will dispose of and bale the white paper. Proceeds from the recycling will help fund student financial aid.

$1,000 of the grant will fund a campaign to reduce the use of styrofoam trays in the cafeteria. PUC students use approximately 250,000 styrofoam trays each year. The styrofoam, which is not recyclable in the Napa Valley, is not biodegradable and is an ecological threat.

Students Against Waste, a student committee for the program, was formed to oversee the use of the grant money. SAW's goal is to encourage the reduction of styrofoam use and the recycling of white paper trash on campus.

"The use of these funds is a good opportunity for students to make a difference on our campus and environment," says Dana Howard, senior interior design major and member of SAW.