PUC's Lady Pioneers Fall to Bethany College

By Michelle Konn on June 14, 2007

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The Pacific Union College Lady Pioneers basketball team fell 48-66 to Bethany College on Saturday night, Feb. 15, at PUC's Pacific Auditorium.

The Pioneers started off with strong defense and trailed a close 25-28 at half-time. The teams' previous encounter ended in a blowout for the Pioneers.

"It was impressive that we stayed in the game," said guard Julie Moyer. "We played really well in the first half, but we just couldn't sink our shots throughout the game."

This was evident as Bethany had a .429 (18/42) field goal shooting percentage compared to the Pioneers' .266 (17/64) average.

Guard Rachel Kendall said it was the most exciting game all season. "Our attitudes on the bench and on the court were centered around motivating each other," she said. "We played hard and had a lot of fun without worrying about the score or our personal statistics. We know we're getting better."

The Pioneers were led by guards Heather Isaacs, with 20 points, and Carrie Wade, with 11 rebounds. The Pioneers will play their next game at Patten College on Saturday, Feb. 22, at 6:15 p.m.