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Graduate School Fair to Bring Resources to Campus

Pacific Union College will host a Graduate School Fair on October 15, open to students and the community. Prospective graduate school students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from 23 schools that offer a variety of graduate programs.

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PUC Welcomes New Students

Phaidra Knight’s first class doesn’t start until nine in the morning on Monday, but the new Pacific Union College freshman is already making PUC home. Like the rest of her peers in the PUC Class of 2018, Knight arrived on campus with a car full of boxes on September 17 for new student orientation ready to join the PUC community.

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Puffins and Polar Biology: Students Experience Alaskan Ecosystem

Grizzly bears, Dall sheep, moose, and orcas are unusual college classmates. Pacific Union College students enrolled in this summer’s Polar Biology class encountered these animals and more as the thriving Alaskan ecosystem became their classroom during an 11-day immersion into true field biology.


Degrees & Programs

Pacific Union College offers a broad selection of bachelor's and associate degrees as well as many pre-professional programs, minors, credentials, and a Master of Education degree. This complete listing of programs by department includes PDF files of the program guide-sheets.

General Guidesheets

Summary of General Education Requirements, B.S. Degree A-01.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, B.A. Degree A-02.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, B.B.A. Degree A-03.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, B.F.A. Degree A-04.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, B. Music Degree A-05.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, Nursing Degrees A-06.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, A.S. Degree A-07.pdf
Honors Program A-08.pdf
Information for Undeclared Majors UND-01.pdf


Major in Aviation - A.S. AVIA-01.pdf
Major in Aviation - B.S. AVIA-02.pdf
Minor in Aviation Catalog p. 47-50


Major in Biology - B.A. BIOL-01.pdf
Major in Biology - B.S. BIOL-02.pdf
Major in Environmental Studies, B.S. BIOL-03.pdf
Minor in Biology Catalog p. 51-58
Minor in Environmental Studies Catalog p. 51-58

Business Administration

Emphasis in Accounting, B.B.A. BUAD-01.pdf
Emphasis in Finance, B.B.A. BUAD-02.pdf
Emphasis in Health Care Management, B.B.A. BUAD-03.pdf
Emphasis in Information Systems, B.B.A. BUAD-04.pdf
Emphasis in International Business, B.B.A. BUAD-05.pdf
Emphasis in Management, B.B.A. BUAD-06.pdf
Emphasis in Marketing, B.B.A. BUAD-07.pdf
Major in Business Administration, B.A. BUAD-08.pdf
Major in Business Administration, B.S. BUAD-09.pdf
Major in Business for Medical Professionals, B.S. BUAD-10.pdf
Minor in Business Administration Catalog p. 59-70


Major in Chemistry: B.A. CHEM-01.pdf
Major in Chemistry: B.S. CHEM-02.pdf
Major in Chemistry: Biochemistry Emphasis, B.S. CHEM-03.pdf
Minor in Chemistry Catalog p. 71-74


Major in Communication, B.A. COMM-01.pdf
Major in Communication: Communication Studies Emphasis, B.S. COMM-02.pdf
Major in Communication: Marketing Communications Emphasis, B.S. COMM-03.pdf
Major in Communication: Multimedia Journalism Emphasis, B.S. COMM-04.pdf
Major in Health Communication, B.S. COMM-05.pdf
Major in Intercultural Communication: French Emphasis, B.A. COMM-06.pdf
Major in Intercultural Communication: German Emphasis, B.A. COMM-07.pdf
Major in Intercultural Communication: Italian Emphasis, B.A. COMM-08.pdf
Major in Intercultural Communication: Spanish Emphasis, B.A. COMM-09.pdf
Minor in Communication Catalog p. 75-80
Minor in PR/Journalism Catalog p. 75-80

Computer Science

Major in Computer Science, B.S. CPTR-01.pdf
Major in Software Development, A.S. CPTR-02.pdf
Minor in Computer Science Catalog p. 81-84


Major in Early Childhood Education, A.S. EDUC-01.pdf
Major in Early Childhood Education, B.S. EDUC-02.pdf
Major in Liberal Studies, B.S. EDUC-03.pdf
Elementary Teaching Credential: Non-Degree Program EDUC-04.pdf
Elementary Teaching Credential: Master of Arts in Teaching EDUC-05.pdf
Secondary Teaching Credential: Non-Degree Program EDUC-06.pdf
Secondary Teaching Credential: Master of Arts in Teaching EDUC-07.pdf
Clear Credential Program EDUC-08.pdf
Master of Education, M.Ed. EDUC-09.pdf


Major in English: Emphasis in British and American Literature, B.A. ENGL-01.pdf
Major in English: Emphasis in English Education, B.A. ENGL-02.pdf
Major in English: Emphasis in TESOL, B.A. ENGL-03.pdf
Major in English: Emphasis in Writing, B.A. ENGL-04.pdf
Major in Film and Theater Studies, A.S. ENGL-05.pdf
Minor in Writing Catalog p. 105-112
Minor in English Catalog p. 105-112

Exercise Science

Major in Physical Education: Teacher Education Emphasis, B.S. EXSC-01.pdf
Major in Exercise Science, B.S. EXSC-02.pdf
Minor in Physical Education Catalog p. 113-118


Major in History: American History Emphasis, B.A. HIST-01.pdf
Major in History: European History Emphasis, B.A. HIST-02.pdf
Major in Social Studies, B.S. HIST-03.pdf
Major in History, Political Studies and Ethics, B.A. or B.S. HIST-04.pdf
Minor in History Catalog p. 119-124


Major in Mathematics, B.S. MATH-01.pdf
Major in Biomathematics, B.S. MATH-02.pdf
Minor in Mathematics Catalog p. 129-134

Modern Languages

Major in Spanish, B.A. MODL-01.pdf
Minor in German Catalog p. 135-138
Minor in Italian Catalog p. 135-138
Minor in Spanish Catalog p. 135-138
Minor in French Catalog p. 135-138


Major in Music: Music Education Emphasis, B. Mus. MUSC-01.pdf
Major in Music: Performance Emphasis, B. Mus. MUSC-02.pdf
Major in Music: B.S. Degree MUSC-03.pdf
Major in Music: A.S. Degree MUSC-04.pdf

Nursing and Health Sciences

Major in Emergency Services: A.S. NHSC-01.pdf
Major in Emergency Services, B.S. NHSC-02.pdf
Major in Health Sciences, A.S. NHSC-03.pdf
Pre-A.S. Nursing NHSC-04.pdf
Major in Nursing, A.S. and B.S.N. Degrees (2-Step Program) NHSC-05.pdf
Major in Nursing, B.S.N. Degree (For Registered Nurses only) NHSC-06.pdf

Physics & Engineering

Major in Biophysics, B.S. PHYS-01.pdf
Major in Physics, B.S. PHYS-02.pdf
Major in Engineering, A.S. PHYS-03.pdf
Minor in Physics Catalog p. 163-168


Pre-Art Therapy PRE-01.pdf
Pre-Dental Hygiene (A.S.) for Admission to Loma Linda University PRE-02.pdf
Pre-Dental Hygiene (B.S.) for Admission to Loma Linda University PRE-03.pdf
Pre-Dentistry (D.D.S.) for Admission to Loma Linda University PRE-04.pdf
Pre-Professional Curriculum: Law PRE-05.pdf
Pre-Medicine for Admission to Loma Linda University PRE-06.pdf
Pre-Professional Curriculum: Optometry PRE-07.pdf
Pre-Professional Curriculum: Osteopathy PRE-08.pdf
Pre-Pharmacy for Admission to Loma Linda University PRE-09.pdf
Pre-Public Health for Admission to Loma Linda University PRE-10.pdf
Pre-Veterinary Medicine for Admission to UC Davis PRE-11.pdf
Pre-Cardiac Electrophysiology Technology (A.S.) for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-12.pdf
Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.) for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-13.pdf
Pre-Communication Sciences (B.S.) for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-14.pdf
Pre-Cytotechnology (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-15.pdf
Pre-Health Information Administration (B.S.) for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-16.pdf
Pre-Healthcare Administration (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-17.pdf
Pre-Medical Radiography (A.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-18.pdf
Pre-Nuclear Medicine PRE-19.pdf
Pre-Nutrition & Dietetics (B.S. or M.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-20.pdf
Pre-Occupational Therapy (M.O.T.) for Loma Linda University PRE-21.pdf
Pre-Orthotics & Prosthetics (M.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-22.pdf
Pre-Pathologists' Assistant (M.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-23.pdf
Pre-Physical Therapist Assistant (A.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-24.pdf
Pre-Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) for Loma Linda University PRE-25.pdf
Pre-Physician Assistant (M.P.A.) for Loma Linda University PRE-26.pdf
Pre-Radiation Sciences (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-27.pdf
Pre-Respiratory Care (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-28.pdf

Psychology & Social Work

Major in Psychology: B.A. or B.S. Degree PSW-01.pdf
Major in Social Work, B.S.W. PSW-02.pdf
Minor in Psychology Catalog p. 169-176


Major in Theology, B.A. REL-01.pdf
Major in Religion: Biblical Studies Emphasis, B.A. REL-02.pdf
Major in Religion: Health Professions Emphasis, B.A. REL-03.pdf
Major in Religion: Theology & Christian History Emphasis, B.A. REL-04.pdf
Minor in Biblical Languages Catalog p. 177-184
Minor in Religion Catalog p. 177-184

Visual Arts

Minor in Photography Catalog p. 185-200
Minor in Graphic Design Catalog p. 185-200
Minor in Film and Television Catalog p. 185-200
Major in Film and Television, B.F.A. VIS-ART-01.pdf
Major in Fine Art, B.F.A. VIS-ART-02.pdf
Major in Graphic Design, B.F.A. VIS-ART-03.pdf
Major in Photography, B.F.A. VIS-ART-04.pdf
Major in Film and Television, B.A. VIS-ART-05.pdf
Major in Fine Art, B.A. VIS-ART-06.pdf
Major in Graphic Design, B.A. VIS-ART-07.pdf
Major in Photography, B.A. VIS-ART-08.pdf
Major in Film and Theater Studies, A.S. VIS-ART-09.pdf
Major in Graphic Design, A.S. VIS-ART-10.pdf
Major in Photography, A.S. VIS-ART-11.pdf
Minor in Art History Catalog p. 185-200
Minor in Art Catalog p. 185-200